False Walls

from by Spylights



This is the first demo version released from The Empath Ep called "False Walls".
This song is about the everyday struggle of fighting personal mental barriers with confidence.
This track was recorded at Poney Boy Studios in New Orleans.


When all the waves come crashing in surrounding your feet
Jump head first into the water,
And swim towards your most honest beliefs.
Because Fear is just a jaded opinion that is given by a frightened man
Who looks away as he speaks so confidently, but
will never truly understand.
Tomorrow you could die of cancer or of a massive heart attack
Your noble expedition could get cut short so quick
most important acts.
Just like that
So go run and tell the ones you love that there is nothing more important than the pack.
Learn to hush your demons with a pride manifested plague that will rot away the mouth ,and eyes, and ears of all the cynical malaise.
Maybe we could find out some answers
If we could just learn to just spit out the fat
Existence is a child like jester that just loves doing the juggling act
with no tact..
You gotta fight the ugly days before they conquer in this life or death combat.
Time doesn't slow for cowards
So face all of the wrongs that you have done
Then open up your heart,
And stare directly through your strongest midday sun.
Now there's nothing left to outrun..
Now you can..
Turn the pages, change the script
Dodge the flurried paper fists
Cut the chord on all you loathe
Burn it's flesh down to the bone and remember the strongest fires will soon turn to embers.

Even the strongest
fires turn into embers sometime.


from The Empath Ep, track released April 20, 2016
All songs off the Empath Ep were recorded by Vincent Ebeier at Poney Boy studios.
All music and lyrics are written by Vincent Ebeier



all rights reserved


Spylights New Orleans, Louisiana

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